Hooligans & bootgirls

♀ Like all bad girls should ♀

♀ Like all bad girls should ♀
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A community for the all the Boot Girls.

punks, skins, rudies, hardcore girls, rockabilly, psychobilly girls, riot grrls, you get it.
Just join; no requirements. (except you must be female!).
if you wear boots, then you're one of us.

♀ no bashing. If you dont have nothing nice to say, don´t say it at all.
that´s not the kind of rude girl we´re interested in.
♀ don't disallow comments in your posts. don´t link them back to your journal.
it is annoying.
No spam/ads/promo posts. They will be deleted, you will be banned, so why bother ?
♀ this is, by all means, NOT a rating community.

if you feel you must contact the moderator :
dystropia, igotscrewed at gmail dot com

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